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Controlling Aperture And Shutter: For The First Time

On Wednesday, I received my loaned Canon Rebel XT SLR  for the photojournalism class at UNC-Chapel Hill this semester.   On Thursday, I learned 175 ways not to combine shutter and aperture settings.

Oh, it was horrible. Washed out, blurred images, you name it, I’m sure I did it wrong.  You’d have never known anyone was on the other side of the camera based on the final exposures.

I have been a point and shoot kind of person,  love the automation, and instant gratification.  But now, the task at hand: take one image that’s in focus while selecting the settings.

So, I ventured out, SLR in hand,  with an idea of my composition, but no skill to achieve the exposure.  And I do emphasize SKILL.  I have great respect for photographers who shoot on the manual mode, especially the one’s who nail the shot time after time.

A few of my favorite photographers who always seem nail it are Stacy Borelli, Shane SniderChristobal Perez, Chad A. Stevens and Jock Lauterer (the last two are UNC-CH professors.)

I read about the panning technique in one of my textbooks and wanted to try it.  My results are below… you can imagine my surprise, they were actually decent photos.

Motorcycle 2

Motorcycle 3

Motorcycle 4

Motorcycle 5

Motorcycle 7

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Shout Out To The Apple Store

Crabtree Valley Mall Apple Store Front

Crabtree Valley Mall Apple Store Front

For several days, things were not going right with my MacBook.  There was something wrong with one of my USB ports, I couldn’t delete a user from MobileMe, and the list goes on…

I made an appointment online at to meet with my one of my local geniuses at the Crabtree Valley store. I didn’t know that you could make appointments before 10:00 a.m.

I made the appointment for 9:20 a.m.

The store was buzzing with Apple chatter … iPhone this, iPod that, etc.  when I arrived.  Mac people like shopping early, I guess.

Genius Barry greeted me promptly and asked, “How can we help you today?”

I explained my issues, and in less than 30 minutes Genius Barry fixed my week-old problems.  He also helped me get a new duckhead (that’s the removable two-prong plug) because I broke mine this morning. I was pleasanly surprised it was only $8.

So, to Genius Barry and all the other Apple Geniuses out there, “Thank You!”

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You Decide…

“Sometimes you have to feed your belly, and sometimes you have to feed your soul.”

A comment from Prof. Chad  A. Steven at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Photo Night on 9/3/09  on choosing to help a non-profit versus choosing a paying gig.

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An Evening Invitation

Angels Among Us...

Angels Among Us...

For various reasons, I was running late, and arrived at half past eight. As I passed the threshold to the room on the right, it hit me. A vail of sadness engulfed my spirit and tears pooled in my eyes. I was not sure what to say to my dear friend.


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Shiny Chrome Inspires Shooter

We all like shiny things, right?  I don’t actually know how to drive a motorcyle, but I love taking photos of them when I can.

Here ‘s one of my favorites. 


Choppers (close up)

If you’re more into words, check out the story I wrote about the Ray Price Capital City Bikefest from 2008.

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Smile, It’s Raining…


Smiling In The Rain

Smiling In The Rain

Rain… you either love it or hate it.  I happen to be one who loves it.

The rain reminds me of my dad; he always loved to sit on the front porch and watch a good storm.  I guess I inherited that from him. 

Summer showers make great backdrops for photographs.  Here ‘s another one of my recent favorites.


Rain Collage

Rain Collage

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